A growing Canadian telecommunications company will expand further into the Prairies

“We are extremely excited about this opportunity,” says Jean Macdonald, CEO of FlexNetworks. “Fiber.CA fits perfectly with our growing fiber optic networks across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.”

Macdonald added, “This acquisition helps us continue our mission to provide scalable and flexible solutions to meet the current and future connectivity needs of enterprise customers, service providers, and medium to large organizations that crave greater bandwidth and need super-fast connectivity. to compete nationally and globally.”

Founded in 2005 by Ron Dalmeier and Mike GobeilFiber.CA has made a significant contribution to the advancement of ultra-high speed networks in Winnipeg and in rural areas Manitoba. Approximately 1,500 residential and business users, 250 schools with 93,000 employees and students rely on the networks built by Fiber.CA.

FlexNetworks first entered the Manitoba market when it acquired Fastnet Communications, a WinnipegInternet Service Provider, in 2020. Combined with the acquisition of Fiber.CA, FlexNetworks is expected to have more than 110 km of fiber optic infrastructure in Winnipeg by the end of the year.

“The resources of FlexNetworks combined with the local expertise of Fiber.CA will allow us to continue to grow the fiber optic network in Winnipegthe province of Manitoba and beyond,” says Jacques Taillefer, executive vice president at FlexNetworks. “The acquisition of Fiber.CA reflects FlexNetworks’ continued commitment to providing greater choice and speed for organizations and businesses to compete globally.”

About FlexNetworks
FlexNetworks is privately held, well funded and managed by a successful team with exceptional telecommunications expertise. It owns, manages and operates an extensive fiber optic infrastructure across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. By the end of 2022, FlexNetworks plans to have $100 million invested in fiber optic infrastructure in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

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Sean B. Jackson