Telecom company unveils new name

Vodafone New Zealand is changing its name to One New Zealand from the start of next year.

This follows the 2019 sale of Vodafone to utility investor Infratil and Canadian investment firm Brookfield Asset Management for $3.4 billion.

At the time, Vodafone New Zealand chief executive Jason Paris said he hoped the sale would allow the company to expand into the digital sphere.

Today he said the name change was the next step in the company’s transformation.

“We are proud to announce this decision to change our name. This decision means we will have even more money to invest in our networks, shore services and technology solutions for our customers in New Zealand.

“We believe One New Zealand better reflects our deep ties and heritage to New Zealand, as well as our future ambitions,” Paris said.

He said the company is partnering with overseas technology companies to help Kiwis access the best technology solutions.

“We are moving from eight letters to three, and maintaining our strong partnership relationship with Vodafone, so our customers will continue to benefit through access to global roaming, the IoT (Internet of Things ), security and network technology solutions for the enterprise and consumer market.

In February 2021, Paris announced a company “overhaul” – 200 jobs were cut in a bid to remove unnecessary secondary roles and focus more on customer service.

“Customers want better,” Paris said at the time.

“I’m always upfront that our serve hasn’t been good enough, and in too many cases it’s not good enough today – but we’re improving and investing a lot to get faster.”

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Among these changes was the establishment of an “escalation team” – the X-Squad team, which gets involved if the technical or retail team is unable to resolve an issue. Paris also planned to bring most of its offshore call centers back to New Zealand.

An image of the new logo

The Vodafone Warriors will now become the One New Zealand Warriors.

Sean B. Jackson